Starting at the age of 13, Minister Charles J. Cummings, a native of Washington, DC. Preached his first sermon at a youth service over thirty years ago. He was ordained an Elder in 1992 in the Bibleway World Wide organization. Has since served as Assistant Pastor at the Ark for All People’s Church, in Washington DC., where the late Walter M. Gardner was pastor. Elder Cummings was married to his beautiful wife, Lady Wanda E. Cummings on July 23, 1994. He is the youngest of eight siblings and the father of six children. Elder Cummings upon his arrival in St Louis joined the Christ Temple on the Church where the late Elmer Kirksey Sr. was Pastor. He was Licensed an Elder under the Pentecostal Assembles of the World in 1994, after surrendering his previous ordination certificate he served one year, after which he was ordained an Elder in 1995. Elder Cummings served Pastor Elmer Kirksey for seven years and was appointed Assistant Pastor, where he served faithfully until Pastor Kirksey death in 2009. It was quite evident that leadership was his calling. So on October 3, 2010 the lord called him to the pastorate were he founded the Christ Family Refuge Ministries of the Apostolic Faith.  

Doctor Cummings earned his Masters of Divinity and his PhD. in Theology with a concentration in Counseling at Bryson University. He also earned his Bachelor’s in Health Service Administration, Master Science in Management, and a Master in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Keiser University. He is a certified blended family councilor through the Step Family Foundation, of New York, New York.

Doctor Cummings has worked as a Patient Family Advocate at Mercy Hospital Trauma Center in St Louis over the last eight years, where he assisted families in dealing with the grief of losing their loved ones due to traumatic injuries. Doctor Cummings is the CEO and radio host of In Place of Another Ministries, an organization devoted to blended family counseling. He has served as Chaplain of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, Advisory member of the Center for Systemic Educational Change of the District of Columbia Public Schools, National board member for ACORN where he testified in the US House of Representatives (103rd Congress) on community issues. Doctor Cummings has served as an elected Neighborhood Advisory Commissioner in Wash DC., and more recently a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation 2005 Citizens Academy St. Louis MO.  

MIDWESTERN DISTRICT COUNCIL Doctor Cummings in 2014 was elevated to District Elder of the Midwestern District Council (MDC) within the 12th Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW). Where he serves as the Sargent-At- Arms in the council business sessions, in 2016 he was appointed by the Diocesan Bishop Larry O. Jones, to the position of Chief of Staff of the 12th Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW).    


Evangelist Cummings is Wife to Dr. C. J. Cummings for over 25 years, Mother of 6, Grandmother of 20, Adopted Mother of 1; Worship Leader, Christian Education Teacher.

An Administrative professional most of her life, Sister Wanda decided to return to school as a business major and became a studio artist; receiving her Masters of Arts Degree in 2008, and her Master of Fine Arts degree in 2010.

Being an Artist has allowed me to see God in all of His creation.  When I think of the color of green and how leaves live and change color throughout the seasons.  If you look at the design of an item (be it man made or natural,) there is something about it’s make up that will point you back to God.  I give Him all the glory because it’s all about what the Lord has placed here for us to discover and use to His glory. I am grateful for my decision to study art because it has given me a greater insight on my desire to worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Lady Wanda’s medium in art is clay and metal.  She is a potter and a metalsmith.  The Lord impressed upon her to use His materials to create beautiful Jewelry.  She uses only raw materials from the earth:  Silver, Gold, precious metals, clay and the minerals used to make the glazes. Her desire is to create items that do not use plastic or acrylic. 

Lady Wanda’s ministry passion is to train up the women of God to become equipped with what they need to be the answer to the question – Who can find a Virtuous Woman???  She believes women today are missing the teachings, strength, and passion for God that our mothers and grandmothers had.  Young women today are becoming adults before they learn what it means to be adult women.  They are having babies out of wedlock, have desires after the wrong types of men and are missing the ability to prioritize their goals in life.

The Women’s ministry at Christ Family Refuge is called “Soul Food” and is designed to create a fun, interesting educational experience for all women, so they have a desire to become women of excellence and virtue.  Their inaugural event “Soul Food” presents, “Girl, What You Wearing???”  Was a humorous play on fashion, the word was preached and light refreshments were served.  The fashion show was choreographed with models from various churches and members of Christ Family Refuge.  The designs were described using creative poetry of Minister Cherie Benton McCoy, of Bethesda Temple Church.  The results were a play on the way we dress, from the inside and out.  The Word of God came forth with power from Evangelist Mona Allen, as she gave her testimony of rape, and being left for dead.  The altar was flooded with women who saw themselves in some portion of the evening’s events, and many were set free from the bondages of self-betrayal and inappropriate fleshly desires. 

Future events will include business opportunities, marriage and single women, prayer task force and just plain living as a woman of God.